National Centre for Learning Welsh

‘Welsh at Home’ campaign

From March - April 2021, the National Centre for Learning Welsh commissioned Equinox to create a highly targeted digital campaign.

The aim? To increase sign-ups for the Centre’s ‘Welsh at Home’ course, designed for parents and carers of children up to 11 years old. This beginners’ course is tailored for parents and carers, and introduces basic grammar and relevant words and phrases to use at home with the family.

Positioning Welsh as a language of opportunity for the whole family to enjoy, Equinox created engaging social media adverts to run across Facebook, inviting parents and carers to sign up for the course.

Image by Christin Hume


  • Using the client’s brand guidelines, Eq created bespoke social media graphics to give parents and carers an idea of the kind of phrases they could expect to learn on the course.

  • Graphics featured relatable, diverse characters to bring the phrases to life, without detracting from the overall brand identity.

  • Eq ran a series of highly targeted adverts across Facebook using the conversion tracking metric, which allowed us to monitor exact actions users took on the landing page at

  • Whether a user registered for the course, signed up for a taster session, or even clicked ‘contact us’, we could track each action taken as a direct result of a user seeing the ad.

  • This allowed us to optimise ads throughout the campaign, upweighting ads with the most successful click-through rates and driving more results. 

  • To support conversion tracking ads, Eq also created an Engagement advert optimised for Facebook page likes. Targeting parents and inviting them to tag friends who want to learn more Welsh – including a link to the Welsh at Home course – we grew the audience to develop brand awareness and increase audience propensity to sign up for a course in the future. 


  • 2,113 clicks to landing page.

  • A total of 595 actions on landing page = 28.2% result rate on the landing page.

  • This result rate is well above average, and highlights that the ads’ targeting, creative, and messaging reached the intended audience in a compelling manner. 

  • A 1130% increase in Facebook page likes when compared to audience growth in the previous month. ​

  • Over 75% of new page likes came directly from our Engagement ad.

Hannah Thomas, Director of Marketing and Communications at the National Centre for Learning Welsh, said:

“It has been a pleasure to work with Equinox on our ‘Welsh at Home’ project. We were pleased with both the CTR to our landing page on, and the action rate, which was well above the industry average. The detailed tracking of actions on this page, undertaken by Equinox, will also inform future campaigns.”​