Rhyming fun for everyone


“Let’s see what’s on the telly – shoes off, feet up, our socks are smelly!”


Big Welsh Rhyme Time, a week-long celebration of rhyming family fun and the developmental benefits of rhyming with children, took place 7 - 11 February 2022. Equinox was tasked with advertising the free event, aimed at parents with children aged 0 – 6.

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With a wealth of free online resources, games, activities, videos and more, our campaign for BookTrust Cymru positioned rhyming as an accessible, beneficial, relevant activity for families from all backgrounds and locations across Wales.

Using Facebook ads to target parents across Facebook, Instagram and associated networks, our campaign featured tailored rhyme ads designed to capture the attention of busy parents – whether they were scrolling through social media before putting the dinner on, checking Facebook on the school run, or settling down to watch telly.

Taking a two-staged approach – starting with ‘teaser’ content, followed by a clear call-to-action to visit the Big Welsh Rhyme Time website for access to resources – our campaign invited families to have fun together through rhyme.

Not only that, we also engaged with the audience directly through a Facebook competition which invited parents to write a rhyme with their families, for the chance to enter a prize draw to win a family meal voucher and book bundle.

To amplify the campaign across key locations, Equinox also recorded and ran two bilingual radio adverts across community radio stations in south and north Wales. The ads ran in the week leading up to, and the week of, Big Welsh Rhyme Time 2022 – raising awareness of the event and resources available.


  • Starting with a Page Likes ad for Big Welsh Rhyme Time during ‘teaser’ stage, we targeted parents of children aged 0 – 6 to raise awareness of Big Welsh Rhyme Time and increase propensity to engage with the Week before it began.


  • At teaser and launch stage, messaging was tailored across multiple adverts to make the copy as relevant as possible to the targeted audience: if we were setting up an ad to target a new parent, we ensured copy focused on new-born development and bonding.

  • For parents with older children, copy focused on Early Years’ and primary school-aged development – as well as the fun that can be had through rhyme when trying to engage fast-growing children.

  • Our ad creative was also tailored to be relevant and engaging for areas across Wales with high levels of socio-economic deprivation, using location-specific rhymes. Designed to be eye-catching and ‘silly’, the bilingual rhyme graphics promoted the free resources for Big Welsh Rhyme Time and positioned rhyme as an accessible activity – while also demonstrating the welcoming, non-judgmental nature of BookTrust Cymru as a brand. 


  • To amplify the content, we shared pre-drafted social media posts for stakeholders – further driving traffic to the Big Welsh Rhyme Time landing page.


  • New page likes: 260 (+12% increase)

  • Web clicks: 12,967. During Equinox’s 3-week campaign, web traffic to landing page increased by +30.68% on last year (when web sessions Jan – March hit 9,922)

  • Reach: 361,618

  • Impressions: 2,271,228

  • Demographics: 36% men, 63% women.

Laura Ferguson, Communications Project Manager, said:


“It’s been a pleasure working with you all at Equinox, you guys hit the ground running and were just so creative, collaborative and proactive. We’ve been super impressed by the design and delivery of the campaign in such short timings.”