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Tennis Wales


Organ Donation Wales, for the fourth year running, commissioned Equinox to deliver a national bilingual PR and social media campaign to encourage 18-34 year olds to share their organ donation decision with loved ones and to register their organ donation decision online.


  • ​​Using Organ Donation Week (4 Sept 2017) as the national media launch


  • Bespoke partnership with the much loved, ‘I Loves the ‘Diff’ (whose owner, Christian Amodeo, is himself a living kidney donor), to produce a suite of four bespoke organ donation themed Taffywood Book collection titles with organ donation themed sub messaging to reach 18-34s across Wales.


  • 8 x employer roadshows pan Wales


  • Bilingual Instagram Story campaign using Taffywood Book creatives so 18-34s could ‘Swipe Up’ to register their organ donation decision PLUS a bilingual Snapchat geo-filter in student areas


  • Suppled 330 rugby clubs + 200 SE Wales youth outlets with Taffywood Book themed beer mats and posters bespoke to Organ Donation Wales


  • 1 x electronic toolkit of downloadable resources for partners


  • 14.5m OTS through media launch + 16 minutes national broadcast coverage


  • 24,000 employees engaged in the Organ Donation Week roadshow campaign


  • 43k engagements on social media pages


  • 2,686 ‘swipe ups’ from Instagram Stories to organ donation registration page on campaign website


  • 5,486 new registrations in Wales in Sept 2017 compared to 4k in August 2017

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