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Digital Campaign to Support Open Doors 2020

Determined to keep the Wales-wide Open Doors Festival alive during the coronavirus pandemic, Cadw adopted a virtual approach in 2020, allowing visitors to explore ten sites through a mix of interactive tours, VR experiences and panoramic imagery.   


Our role was to drive campaign awareness while generating positive PR coverage for Cadw; encourage users to get involved in the virtual tours; and to boost following and engagement across Cadw’s digital channels. 


  • National PR story to launch campaign offered media a ‘first-look’ at the new digital assets, leading to pan-Wales coverage and a huge uplift in visitors to Cadw website.

  • A highly-targeted organic and paid social media campaign, which used a series of platform-optimised teaser videos to attract interest in the event.

  • Segmented e-newsletter marketing to Cadw members and wider Cadw mailing list, with bespoke messaging for each audience group.

  • Worked with Cadw’s in-house team to provide web copy for Open Doors virtual Festival.


  • All KPIs far exceeded for campaign reach and engagement, including total reach of more than 1.3m.

  • Social following numbers soared, content achieved viral reach and audience sentiment was positive.

  • Above industry average open-rate for e-newsletter marketing activity.

  • More than 34k visits to the Open Doors webpage, demonstrating exceptionally high conversion rate.

  • In addition to web visitors from Wales and the UK, the campaign webpage attracted thousands of visitors from US and Canada – helping showcase our nation’s heritage to the world.

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