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Using Wales’ past to inspire passion in its present

From its traditional costume to culture; historic sites to songs; spectacular scenery to sporting success; it’s hard to think of a country that evokes a nation’s pride, passion and patriotism quite like Wales.

Which is why – as an organisation that’s played, and continues to play, an integral part in Wales’ past, present and future – Cadw tasked Equinox with creating a timely, integrated campaign that positioned them at the forefront of consumers’ minds on St David’s Day 2020.


  • With the goal of promoting free access to Cadw sites on St David’s Day and 20% off new memberships purchased, we combined organic digital content, social media advertising and PR to achieve objectives


  • Running over a three-day period, our primary social media campaign served targeted ads comprising inspiring imagery and a 20% off membership code


  • Complementing this activation through similarly targeted social media ads, was a separate campaign promoting free ticket reservations – and thus positive brand sentiment – for Cadw sites on St David’s Day


  • Wanting to leverage the reach of  Cadw’s email database, we also wrote copy for three e-newsletters – each targeting readers with separate offers on separate occasions throughout the campaign​

  • ​As a way of amplifying the story surrounding free tickets on March 1st, we used our unrivalled expertise and industry contacts list to secure PR coverage across key, UK national and Wales press

  • Knowing the importance of national pride on St David’s Day, our creative team sourced a range of nostalgic, feelgood archive footage showcasing both Cadw sites and key cultural moments through the ages

  • An integral part of the video's success, an acoustic performance of the national anthem from Welsh artist, Kizzy Crawford, provided the perfect soundtrack

  • Edited into a 60-second organic social media video (below), the intention was to create a truly meaningful, easily shareable moment that helped Cadw own this feeling of national pride as a brand​.


  • Reaching a total of 81,585 users, our paid social media ad campaign generated 70 new membership sign-ups


  • ​Our newsletter activity – which was subsequently promoted through a separate promo code to non-members via a St. David’s Day data capture exercise – helped secure a further 19 new memberships


  • Promoting free tickets to Cadw’s sites on St David’s Day, our second social media ad campaign reached 14,640 users – generating 602 direct link clicks through to the ticketing web page

  • Combined with 38 pieces of coverage across UK national and Wales press – which achieved a total OTS of 2,020,950 – a total of 8,441 free tickets were reserved for 16 Cadw sites on St David’s Day

  • Ensuring incredible results across the board, our organic St David’s Day video achieved a total reach of 405,642; 35,730 engagements; 3,215 shares; 109 retweets and 150,340 views.


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