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Christmas 2020 gift membership campaign



To boost membership numbers over the Christmas 2020 period, we launched an inspiring digital advertising campaign to drive purchases of Cadw Gift Membership for loved ones. The campaign was implemented while Cadw sites remained closed to visitors in light of COVID-19.


Working alongside Cadw’s insight and membership teams, we harvested audience data to ensure our messages and campaign activity pinpointed the right markets.


Having ensured that campaign messaging remained sensitive to Covid restrictions in Wales and the UK, we paired clever philanthropic copy with feel-good imagery, our ads tapped into the emotions surrounding Christmas, festive gifting and sense of hope for a brighter 2021.


As part of the campaign, ​we arranged a series of photo shoots at Cadw locations - as well as a professional studio - to create stunning imagery paired to each target audience segment.​​


Tapping into Black Friday and Cyber Monday to offer time-limited promotions on festive purchases, we identified adults buying for parents; empty nesters; millennial couples; and families living in Wales as key demographics.


We applied the same strategy for audiences living in the English borders: targeting Welsh people living outside Wales, buying membership on behalf of loved ones to help protect and conserve Wales’ built heritage.


​We then used Facebook and Instagram organic content / ads to deliver our campaign – with ad messaging, content and budget allocation tweaked regularly to optimise performance and cost-per-objective.​

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