Helping Others Participate and Engage

Age Cymru

A lack of independence. Not having their voices heard. Under normal circumstances, these are just some of the problems faced by older people in Wales.


When these problems are amplified by a global pandemic, however, the need to address them becomes all the more important. That's why Age Cymru chose Equinox to raise awareness of HOPE: Helping Others Participate and Engage.

A partnership project between various Welsh organisations, HOPE delivers independent advocacy for older people and carers across the nation, helping them – among other things – gain information; understands their rights; make more informed choices and, ultimately, have their voices heard.


As well as raising awareness and uptake of the HOPE support service by focusing on what it offers and who can access it, we were also tasked with increasing recruitment of HOPE volunteers from a wide variety of backgrounds.



  • Recognising the need for all comms to be as clear, considered and accessible as the service itself, the campaign’s core message was the strapline: HOPE: together, we’ll raise your voice.


  • This empowering creative concept implied positive action; positioning HOPE as a united, supportive and active team, all working towards continued independence for older people.


  • Utilising a mix of paid, earned, shared and owned channels, the concept was weaved throughout key three stages of campaign delivery: production, launch and maintaining awareness.

  • As well as a suite of authentic static designs, campaign content was anchored by two 'hero' videos telling stories of real people involved in HOPE advocacy: one focusing on an older person and another on a real-life volunteer.

  • In addition to being used organically on social media, the content also drove targeted digital advertising campaigns across Facebook, Instagram and Google Search, reaching those who would benefit from advocacy and potential volunteers.

  • ​In order to reach older people without access to digital resources, we also implemented pharmacy-bag advertising across 50 pharmacies in Wales, with strong regional spread upweighted to focus on north, west, and mid Wales.


  • This was complemented by stakeholder outreach work, which saw us share campaign assets with multiple relevant organisations as a way of amplifying reach.



Volunteer advertising:

  • 127 leads generated – ads were turned off mid-campaign at client request, due to volume of leads which needed to be processed.

  • 3,954 clicks to landing page across Facebook, Instagram and Google Search adverts.

  • 121,390 people reached with ads on Facebook, Instagram and Google Search.


Advocacy advertising:

  • 2,654 clicks to landing page across Facebook ads, targeting those aged 65+.

  • 61,654 older people reached through Facebook ads.

  • 50,000 pharmacy bags delivered across 50 pharmacies in north, mid, south & west Wales, gaining 320,000 impacts.